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Living in the internet era, you have to know all the things that could potentially make harm to your business, as the number of hackers has never been bigger than now. Hackers get hired by the competitors who want to disrupt their competition and take over the market and the hackers use various techniques to disrupt the targeted website. While WordPress is the most known platform for website development, there are useful plugins that can prevent these attacks, including DDOS attack. The DDOS attack is one of the most used techniques as it is relatively easy to create and deploy so a lot of people use this to destroy websites at least for a while.

What is DDOS attack ?

The DDos attacks are one of the oldest ways of disrupting the website and these had been present for more than two decades in the online world and the world of the Internet. The term means Distributed Denial Of Service and it is an attack method where an attacker sends a huge amount of traffic/requests (usually a programmed line of code) through different computers with the goal of disrupting the target so it eventually stops working and accepting the requests and users. It works by maxing out the network’s bandwidth which slows down the server’s response time and makes it useless eventually.

In order to DDOS attack becomes efficient, a hacker must build a botnet. The botnet is actually a network of computers with the real users who are not aware that their computers contain a program that serves as a weapon during the DDOS attack. The hackers use experience and knowledge to install these on computers without anyone noticing this activity. The very next time your PC becomes slow unusually, try to scan it with the updated antivirus program. If it is not working, delete the OS to make sure you eliminated the infected program.

WordFence is a must!

This security plugin can successfully protect your WordPress site as it monitors every request and user that visits the site. The embedded security script analyzes resources and monitors the resources allocated for the attack, as well as the time of requests. The complex procedural function compares all the data and determines if the DDOS attack has been performed. In case it is, it activates the security firewall and script that does not allow any further requests that are suspicious and marked as threat.

PAD – Protection Against DDos

This is not a standard plugin, but you must find it manually and install on your site. The plugin routinely inspects the memory and monitors if there is a bottleneck that is unusual or comes from the unusual source. Once it identifies that the DDOS attack has been performed, the plugin automatically terminates and blocks all the suspicious requests, so memory leakage would not appear and thus the website will not go offline. PAD is a cool plugin that is praised by many users so consider one having in your library as you never know when someone will shut down your website, at least for fun.