What is a blog?

You may think it’s strange that you do not know what a blog is. In fact, you’re in good company. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of millions of blogs, recent research has shown that almost 2/3 of internet users do not know what a blog is.

“Blog” is a contraction of the term “weblog”. A weblog, or blog, in its simplest form, is an online journal. Someone writes an entry and publishes that entry on his or her web site, much like someone would write an entry in their journal or diary.

An entry or article written for a blog is generally called a “blog post” or “post”. Sometimes, posts are called “blogs”, but it is more correct to refer to the entire site as a “blog” and to refer to individual entries as “posts”. Thus, “blog” would be similar to “journal” or “diary”, while “post” would be similar to a journal or diary “entry”.

There are many different types of blogs. Besides the standard online journal or diary type blog, there are also photo blogs and video blogs in which the entries consist of digital photos or videos respectively.

Typically, blog posts are listed in reverse chronological order, which simply means that the last post published is listed first. If you wanted to read the last entry that someone wrote in their diary, you would turn to the back of the book. But, if you want to read the last post that someone wrote on their blog, you would look at the top of the list.

People write blogs about many different subjects. There are blogs that focus on news, current events, and politics, while other blogs focus on religion, culture, and entertainment. Some people write their blog posts about one particular subject, while other people write about many different topics. Some blogs include very personal information, while other blog owners do not reveal anything about themselves.

There are corporate blogs that are used to announce new products or services, job openings, or new releases. Some educational institutions write blogs to communicate information to their students to to announce upcoming lectures or conferences.

The range of topics for blogs and blog posts is almost unlimited.

Also, most blogs allow readers to comment on the blog posts. These comments allow blogging to be more of a discussion than a monologue.

Should you start a blog? We’ll leave that question for another post.

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