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Picture Of What Are The 10 Outrageous Things People Sell On Craigslist TampaTampa craigslist is an online advertisement company. The platform is designed to promote your advert all over the world for free. This website is where people come to sell their old stuff and also buy new ones. Statistics have it that there are over 60 million subscribers, and over 80 million ads are posted every month.

Among these ads, you would expect to see some OUTRAGEOUS items listed for sale. We made the research and found some. Here are 10 of the OUTRAGEOUS Things People sell on Craigslist Tampa:

What Are The 10 OUTRAGEOUS Things People sell on Craigslist Tampa? You will see, weapons, ammunition, sex trafficking, pornography, body parts, medical devices, hazardous materials, alcohol or tobacco, pet sales, and several other items.

The majority of these items are prohibited on craigslist. However, because there are many ads coming up per time, these things find their way on the platform. This is why there are systems designed to help curb the sustenance of such an ad.

10 OUTRAGEOUS Things People sell on Craigslist Tampa

  1. Weapons:

    firearms such as a gun and its components are prohibited to be sold on. This means they will either not pass through the confirmation period. However, if they do, there is a high probability of it getting flagged down. Other prohibited weapon include; BB/pallet, Spear guns, and stun, etc,

  2. Ammunition:

    Ammunition is also prohibited from sales on craigslist. A gun and its bullet is a perfect example of the union between weapon and ammunition. The gun is a weapon while its bullet is the ammunition. Other examples include; cartridges, gunpowder, explosives, etc.

  3. Sex trafficking:

    trafficking humans for sex and its kind is a degradation of human life. It is illegal to do this in several countries of the world. Craigslist is not exempting itself from banning the act.

  4. Pornography:

    there are several opinions on the acceptance or rejection of pornography. Several countries legally frown at the act while some consider it human rights issues. However, craigslist been an internet-based platform is leaving its credibility to no chance. It is, therefore, prohibited to offer pornographic services or its substance on craigslist.

  5. Body parts:

    people try to sell different body parts in exchange for money. Examples of body parts up for sales include; arm, kidney. Liver, sperm, etc. Isn’t it outrageous to find that people try to sell these things that require medical supervision in order to ensure a successful exchange? Craigslist actually thinks so. The sale of such is, therefore, prohibited.

  6. Medical devices:

    certain medical devices are prohibited for sales on craigslist. Some of these medical devices are products that require the prescription of medical personnel or the supervision and direction before such a product is used use.

  7. Hazardous materials:

    Hazardous substances are usually labeled with tags like; WARNING, CAUTION, POISONOUS, TOXIC, FLAMMABLE, REACTIVE, CORROSIVE, etc. These substances are usually regulated because of how dangerous it is to use them in an uncontrolled or uneducated manner. They, therefore, are not sold generally to anyone and everyone. Having possession of any hazardous substance and trying to sell them to the public is generally prohibited. Craigslist is not an exception in this.

  8. Alcohol or tobacco:

    in several places, you need a license to sell alcohol and its related substance. There are laws surrounding the manufacture, use, being under the influence of, and the sales of alcohol substance. Craigslist takes up this law as well as one of the terms of use, prohibiting the sales of alcohol and its related substance.

  9. Pet sales:

    it was reported how criminals steal pets and then come over to craigslist to sell them. This and other reasons contribute to why it is prohibited, according to the term of use, to sell pets on craigslist.

  10. Stolen property:

    properties whose serial number has been removed or it has been changed are assumed to be stolen. The sales of this type of property are prohibited

How Craigslist Prevent Posting Of OUTRAGEOUS Things

Because the platform is user self-published, it might be difficult to totally control the posting of outrageous things. However, efforts are made to control the flooding of such which include the following:

Clearly defined Term of Use:

The management of Craigslist has constructed an easy-to-understand term of use. Carefully stating out items that are not to be posted as ads on the platform.

Confirmation Period:

Ads usually do not appear immediately they are sent by users. The period between when the user sent the ad and when it was published, is the confirmation period. This is when the ad will be verified to confirm if it complies with the terms of use. However, the number of staff Craigslist has does not correspond with the number of ads that flow in on a monthly basis. This isn’t a big deal as there are other systems to make up for this weakness.

Prohibition Alert:

This is done by the users of Craigslist. Once you, as a user, spot any ad that prohibits the terms of use of Craigslist, you indicate such ad using the space provided.


This is the system designed to make users indicate the violation of terms of use. Once an ad is flagged a couple of times, the system is designed with an algorithm that automatically brings down the ad.

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What If My Ad Isn’t Prohibited But It Was Deleted?

Picture Of What Are The 10 Outrageous Things People Sell On Craigslist TampaIn a situation like this, your ad is most probably flagged by users, flagged enough to make the system algorithm delete it automatically.

What you do in such a case is to write or call customer service. Let them know your ad doesn’t go against the terms of use in any way and that it was removed unjustly.

You need to be sure your ad isn’t going against the rules. Go through the terms of use and look at the list of prohibited ads before you make claims.

If you are certain about your claims, you can then go ahead and write or call customer care.

Management will take a careful look at your claim and decide if it is valid. If it is, then, your ad will be restored and you might as well be compensated.

How can I avoid flagging on Craigslist?

Sometimes, your competitors try to flag your post so as to prevent you from scaling ahead of them. Pay no attention to them.

Trying to avoid flagging requires that you pay attention to some few things. That your post isn’t outrageous, is not enough reason to keep your ad afloat. The ad could get flagged down if you seem insensitive and unappealing to the community of viewers.

The major way to avoid getting flagged out is to focus on increasing your viewer’s rate over the flag rate. This is based on how Craigslist flagging system works.

Your focus, therefore, must be on constructing your post in a way that will satisfy Craigslist as well as the community of users and viewers.