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Picture of What Are The 10 Crazy Things People Sell On Craigslist AugustaWith over 60 million users, the user base of craigslist keeps increasing.  Anyone who has something to sell has the freedom to list any product as long as it is legal. Crazy things, sometimes do not mean illegal. Some crazy things are actually legal.

With over 80 million ads posted per month on craigslist, you will expect to meet some crazy items been listed as well. Find out 10 CRAZY things people sell on craigslist Augusta here.

10 crazy things people sell on craigslist Augusta include; Used Casket, Crystal Pepsi with a receipt, a Truckload of firewood, a crashed car, and transfer of disease. People also try to sell crazy stuff like 400-gallons of gasoline for exchange, a $2-dollar bill for higher dollar value, a used headset for an unbelievable price, used Mirena IUD, fingernails clipping collections.

Probably the list of items above seems too CRAZY for you and you don’t understand what they are, see details below;

What Are The 10 Crazy Things People Sell On Craigslist Augusta?

  1. Used Casket:

    Several questions probably running through your mind. You are wondering; who used the casket? How did they get it out? Etc. Well, the seller’s grandmother died and she was buried using the casket. But because they could not meet up with payment of the burial plot, the plot was repossessed. They had to move the grandmother out. The casket was cleaned and put up for sale. Will you buy?

  2. Crystal Pepsi:

    We know the ideal Pepsi to be dark-colored. However, it might interest you to find that someone manufactured a Crystal clear Pepsi and is trying to sell it.

  3. A Truckload of Firewood:

    Alright, firewood is necessary at some point especially when you need to create fire. But then, who wants to import firewood from a far distance, and then pay heavily for it? This can be gotten very close to you for a lesser price. The idea that it is advertised online makes it crazy. But then, anything valuable for business, right?

  4. Crashed Car:

    When you are trying to sell a car, you will, at least, want to put it into good condition so as to get the best price for it. Isn’t it crazy to try and sell a crashed car without repair? A seller did this, and placed a heavy price of $7000. The question is: who will spend that much for a crashed car?

  5. Transfer of Disease:

    So, an ad was placed on craigslist. It reads “come over and catch the flu. Everyone else has it, you’re gonna get it anyway. Sick of work, you pay me $200, come over; I give you the flu and you spend the week, umm playing video games or whatever… you can’t lose.” Crazy, right?

  6. 400-gallon of gasoline:

    Ok, gasoline is essential. However, what makes this listed item crazy is the condition around it. A seller will offer anyone the 400-gallon gasoline but he doesn’t want money. He will offer it in exchange for anal sex. Isn’t that awkward?

  7. $2 dollar bill:

    Owing a $2 billing could be considered an asset because of its scarcity. Well, this is what this seller thought when he put up an ad to sell a $2 bill: Well, the catch is that you will only have the bill if you can pay $300 for it. Seriously?

  8. Used Bluetooth Headset:

    This is an important piece, especially if you are a lover of good sound. However, trying to sell a used Bluetooth Headset for a price way higher than you will get a brand new piece, is ridiculous. But the seller who posted the ad doesn’t think so.

  9. Used Mirena IUD:

    IUDs are awesome, right? They are useful when you get them from the appropriate quarters. Who thinks buying a used IUD online and then fixing it yourself, is the appropriate way to go about it? Well, a seller suggested this and hoped to sell her used IUD.

  10. Finger Nails Clipping Collections:

    So, after a seller clips off his nails, he gathers them together. This was done over a long period of time. He then tried to sell these as an item on craigslist.

How do I put an ad on Craigslist?

By now, you probably have the understating that anyone can place an ad on craigslist. If you have an item you no longer need in your home and wish to sell off, craigslist is a place to do this. But, how do you do it? Find below step to put an ad on Craigslist.

  • Visit Craigslist website
  • Choose the state you reside
  • Click on the post to classify button: You will need to choose how the item will be sold. Will you be selling yourself or you hired someone to sell for you? These are two options called: “for sale by dealer” and “for sale by owner”.
  • Click on the category page: Each ad on craigslist is classified for easy search. Choose which category your item falls under.
  • Enter the posting information: Here is where you tell viewers about the item and how to contact you.
  • Submit pictures of your item.
  • Check your listing for accuracy: Make sure you are not posting wrongly so as to get the needed attention for sale.
  • Lastly, click on the continue button: Your ad will be posted once you’ve done this.

How much does it cost to run an ad on Craigslist?

Advert posting on craigslist is free of charges. However, there are few exceptions with pricing from $5 upwards.

You’ll find the posting fee in each category. Any category without posting fee indication is free. It is also important that you learn about affiliate marketing to get the best from online marketing. Websites like Young Upstarts helps you understand the basics.