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Picture of What Are The 10 Amazing Things Peoples Sell On Craigslist New HampshireWith over 60million users, Craigslist is one of the leading e-commerce sites. Statistics show that about 80 million advertisements are posted on Craigslist every month from about 70 different countries. With this much ad, how do you find what to buy or sell as an aspiring seller?

The question now is: what are the AMAZING things people sell on craigslist new Hampshire? We made our research and here is what we found;

What Are The 10 AMAZING Things People Sell On Craigslist New Hampshire? People sell houses and apartments, furniture, cell phones, electronic gadgets, baby kits, automobiles, and Bicycles. People do sell services on Craigslist such as trucks repair, plumbing services and so on. Businesses are also advertised on craigslist for sale.

There are several amazing things to sell on craigslist to the people of New Hampshire. You also need to know how to get the item you need. The site has classified products and services into categories.

As a buyer, visit the category that has the item you need. As an aspiring seller, post your item in the appropriate categories and you’ll start making profits.


  1. Houses and apartments:

    If you are looking to buy a house in New Hampshire, you should consider visiting craigslist. There, you’ll find a list of several houses ready to be sold from which you can choose to buy.

  2. Furniture:

    Are you looking to change the aesthetics of your apartment and you thinking of getting a new set of furniture, craigslist is a place to visit. You’ll find beautifully crafted furniture up for sale. The good news is that you can also put up your former set of furniture for sale and you’ll get a buyer in no time.

  3. Cell phones:

    Mobile phones have become an integral part of us. If you are looking to get a new piece of mobile phone, craigslist is there to serve you. Mobile phone sellers put up devices from their store on the platform. You can easily get one for yourself.

  4. Electronic gadgets:

    Sellers of electronic gadgets find craigslist a place to put their product for sale. Buyers as well find the platform a good place to make purchases of electronic gadgets.

  5. Baby kits:

    It’s easy to furnish your baby room with toys and many other baby kits when you shop on craigslist. You will come across baby kits that are of the latest design. You will also meet sellers who hope to sell their child’s used toys which you can buy at low prices.

  6. Automobiles:

    Looking to buy a car? Visit craigslist. Car dealers look to reach a large audience of customers using craigslist as a platform. Both brand new and used cars are sold on craigslist. Motorcycles are not left behind in the types of automobiles which are sold on craigslist.

  7. Bicycles:

    Looking to buy a bicycle for yourself or for your children? Amazing bicycles are sold and can be bought on craigslist.

  8. Trucks repair:

    Products are not the only thing sold on craigslist, you can also get services such as truck repair. So, if you need to repair your truck, you should consult craigslist. You will find a list of truck repairer in New Hampshire which you can hire to repair your truck.

  9. Plumbing services:

    When you need quick plumbing services in your house, isn’t it amazing to consult craigslist and find exactly what you need? Craigslist allows you to come in contact with a plumber within New Hampshire which you can hire to fix the plumbing problem in your house.

  10. Business Sales:

    Craigslist is an all-round market place. Isn’t it amazing to find that you can buy a fully-grown business on craigslist? Well, that’s the beauty of the platform.

How To Buy Amazing Things Safely From Craigslist


Find the item you want to buy

There are several amazing things sold on craigslist. There are different categories for each one. You’ll find the item you want under the category created for it.

Check if the price is right

You definitely do not want to buy an item from a seller more than the price another seller would sell it. You sure would want to save money by searching out the best price for the item.

Next is to vet the seller properly

Make sure you get the name and phone number of the seller. Call them and talk to them on phone about the item. Ask questions that are detailed about the product. Make sure this is done over a multitude of calls and, or emails. Pay attention to how they respond; you will be able to decide if they are a genuine seller.

You should also look up the seller. Use their name to find any record about them. If there is none, or that the things you see are not related to the things you have been told, there is a chance the name you were given was fabricated.

Buy the Item

When you have gone through the above steps and you are satisfied with your findings, go on and pay for the item. Never pay for the item until you set your eyes on it. Meetings should be held in open spaces. When going, go with a friend who will stay at a distance away from you. Then do the final physical inspections on the item before you pay.

These steps are only a precaution. There is usually no cause for alarm and nothing is probably going to go wrong. Make a purchase with confidence; that’s what you need the most.

Red Flags to buying an item on craigslist;

Picture Of What Are The 10 Amazing Things Peoples Sell On Craigslist New Hampshire

There are certain seller characters that once you take note, that listing is most probably not genuine. Some of these characters include:

Consistent grammatical and spelling error:

Notice how the seller puts their words together. Once the grammatical error and spelling mistakes are unbearable and consistent, that’s a red flag.

General photo:

The seller should be able to post the actual photo of the product if he has it in stock. When a seller uses the general photo of an item, request for actual photo of the item. If the seller is unable to produce it, that’s a red flag.

Repetition of ads in several places:

This shows how desperate the seller is to get someone, either to scam or sell to. The latter is most unlikely.

Too good to be true:

Once you notice a deal is too good to be true, usually, that’s the case. Scammers usually offer such deals to attract people.

These rules apply to both buyers and sellers on Craigslist. As a seller, you need to be watchful how you portray yourself to prospective customers.

What does it cost to sell on Craigslist?

All advertisement posting on craigslist is free. However, there are a few exceptions. That is, certain postings are not free.

Postings relating to Jobs in Houston and some other selected areas are not free. Advertisement for rental apartments in New York area will cost you $10 and all by-deal categories in the United States will cost you from $3 to $5. Find below the list of other categories that are not free:

  • Cars and truck by-dealer and by-owner in the United States, Vancouver BC cost $5.
  • Furniture by-deals in the United State, Vancouver BC will cost $3.
  • Gigs in the United States and in some selected areas in California will be charged at $3 to $10.
  • Service listings in the United States and in California cost $5.

Every category has the fees to be charged as listed. Any other category that has no fee listed is free.