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Signing a paper/document is very important, as your document will not be valid unless signed. In the digital era, you have the opportunity to use technology for signing your papers, without being physically present.

Have you wondered is it possible to find a WordPress plugin that will enable you to sign your documents digitally? Which one is the best? Which one will work flawlessly?

Well, there are several good plugins that perform this task and we will present the best ones in this article.

First of all – why do you need a plugin?

TitleThe plugin will be of great benefit to all users who run digital business where they need to sign papers and approve transactions or confirmations to the clients.

Instead of signing papers physically and then sending them through the post office, you can use your digital signature and cut down costs and time.

Very convenient, isn’t it? Well, if you are one of those people who need this kind of service, pick one of the best WordPress digital signature plugins that we are presenting below.

Note that each of these performs basically the same thing and they are all working great.

WP Online Contract

WP Online Contract is the premium WordPress plugin for the digital signature. I first discovered it thanks to Hosting Foundry It allows you to create easily contracts through the editor that allows you to create and save templates for future contracts. The best part is that the plugin is compatible with almost all devices, ranging from the handheld to MAC devices.

The plugin stores your IP address and timestamps when you sign digitally your paper. It supports also the integration of other payment systems and gateways, which makes it versatile and very welcome when it comes to online payments. Though the premium version is not free, but it is worth every penny!

WP – E-Signature

This plugin is the best one if you are planning to sign legal documents and you only need to pay once for the plugin so you can use it as my times as you want to. You manage it and set it up through the WordPress platform and allows you uploading, sending, editing and receiving the signed papers from your clients. It is UETA and ESIGN compatible, which means you can use these in the court if needed to. People who often deal with the legal documents and signing the contracts will have a great benefit of this one, though the price tag is not that small. However, it works perfectly well so do not regret money if you need this!


WooCommerce-ExtensionFor all those who are running e-commerce, this WooCommerce plugin is the way to go! It helps you to manage large amounts of purchases on your site and allows easy validation of transactions and orders.

However, in order to function well, the customers will have to have the support for e-signatures, otherwise, they will not be able to make an order and pay for it. This one distinguishes among others as it allows you to create PDF files, upload signatures in emails and a lot of customization options!