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Established in the year 2014, Backpage was the go-to site for selling adult related services. It later became a subject of investigation for the government and eventually got shut down after 15 years of operation. By then, it had become a platform for illegal activities.

Today, in the absence of Backpages, we have Leolist. But Leolist is not just a site where adult stuff is permitted for sale, other great stuff is permitted to be sold and bought. This leaves us to ask, Is This Backpages Alternative Legal?

Leolist Toronto: Is This Backpages Alternative Legal? Yes, it is. Based on the fact that an escort service is legal in Canada, Leolist remains legal.

The Legality Of Leolist In Canada

leolist toronto

Canada has the hand of the law against prostitution. Prostitution in the sense that, two adults meet in agreement to practice adult activities in exchange for an agreed upon price.

However, in Canada as well, escort services are not illegal. Escort service is defined to be a companionship service. When adults plan to meet, they are said to enjoy companionship. In the end, compensation is paid. The payment does not make the escort service a prostitution service.

It is totally legal to compensate someone for spending their time with you. This is done with every other job as well. You are paying for someone’s time. There is no difference between the escort services. Sex and some other adult stuff are not mandatory in escort services. It’s only one of the many ways to companionship.

If sex and adult stuff occurred during the process of keeping the company, this is not seen as prostitution. Whatever happens between the adults stays between them. These reasons make Leolist legal in Canada.

On Leolist, there are many other items to sell and buy other than escort services. Leolist serves as a platform that offers the opportunity to meet those who can provide escort services alongside other services provided.

Is Leolist Safe?

Picture Of Leolist Toronto Is This Backpages Alternative Legal

Like every other similar service provider on the Internet, Leolist isn’t without its own share of the challenges.

One major challenge faced by Leolist is the legal challenge. Though it is currently accepted legally in Toronto, Canada, the sustenance of this legality remains unsure. Considering that many similar platforms have been shut down in the past, a case study of Backpages, the law might turn against Leolist anytime as well.

Also, considering several petitions against Leolist, many feel the platform should not be allowed to remain and they are vocal about this conviction. Many others feel the platform is only there to help and it isn’t necessarily harmful.

Recently, about 4 human trafficking cases have been linked to Leolist. But then there is a school of thought that says it should not be shut down. It says shutting it down could be of more harm than good and could make investigations more serious.

However, we can’t shy away from the fact that the site is recently becoming a platform for human trafficking. Though this does not apply to the escort service section only, it can happen during the buying and selling transactions in other sections as well. This is common to all platforms with similar services; it’s not unique to Leolist.

This is why you need to exercise caution either as a buy or a seller. There are precautionary steps to be taken while trying to buy or sell.

What Are The Precautionary Steps To Take On Leolist?

Because it is the internet, anyone can claim to be what they are not. You, therefore, need to stay savvy if you are going to make any transaction online most especially dating. Here are a few precautionary actions to take;

  • Know who you are talking to:

    agreed, this is online interaction. However, you need more than the person’s name or picture. If you are about to buy a product, you need more than the products picture and seller name. You need to ask enquiring questions and more questions to get to know who you are talking to. This also applies to sellers trying to sell to customers. Know your customer at least to a satisfactory level. Trying to find a date or an escort? Get to know who the other person is.

  • Contact details:

    it is appropriate to speak to the other person before you set up a meeting. Get their telephone number and an email address and speak to them frequently prior to meet up.

  • Check them out online:

    the advantage of the internet is that we all have a trail online. Run their name and every other information you have through the internet and find out who they really are. Are they truly human or are they the person whom they claim they are? Gather as much information you need to convince yourself about the person.

  • Don’t hesitate to delete:

    if after the entire search you are still not satisfied, be sure to confidently delete such person and then move on. If you find an inconsistency in the information they offer, they are most likely going to be hiding something from you. It may be dangerous to go ahead to meet them. Don’t hesitate to delete.

  • Set up the first meeting in public place:

    never agree to meet a person in a close area especially on the first met. Never give your home address to anyone. Every first meeting should be in a public place.

Leolist Attempts To Prevent Harm:

As Leolist has been recently linked to cases of human trafficking it is important that users of the platform remain careful. The management of Leolist has provided the means by which to report offenses.

If you as a user notice any wrongdoing from another user, you have the privilege to report such user and actions will be taking in regards. This way, the community protects itself and remain safe. Check Out T2 Online for tips on how to choose a Psychic.