Embed an RSS/ATOM Feed into your WordPress Website

One of our clients needs to pull an RSS feed from a real estate virtual tour provider and display it on one of their pages. I looked into a few plugins and could not find one that was easily customizable. After a quick google search I discovered that WordPress has some built-in functions based off of SimplePie‘s easy to use RSS API.

We also needed to customize the output a little bit, which required me to rely on PHP’s preg_match and preg_replace functions. Here is some simple example for embedding a feed into your WordPess website:

include_once(ABSPATH.WPINC.'/rss.php'); // path to include script
$feed = fetch_feed('http://url.to.feed/'); // specify feed url

if (!is_wp_error($feed)) : 
	$rss_items = $feed->get_items(); 

    // Loop through each feed item and display each item as a hyperlink. <?php foreach ( $rss_items as $item ) : ?>
  • <?php echo $item->get_title(); ?>
  • <?php endforeach; ?>

Check out the codex for more information about WordPress’ function feed_fetch()… and with a little extra coding you can format the feed any way you like, see our example at NC Capital Homes.

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