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What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is any product or service that is placed on a third party website to generate sales by redirecting site visitors to product purchase pages.

The owner of the site (you) then earns commissions on any sales that are made. If done correctly it can be a lucrative business, some of the top earners make millions of dollars each year, and thousands more generate enough to operate affiliate marketing as their full-time job.

Affiliate Marketing has seen quite a lot of growth in recent years but all recent research indicates that it will still continue to grow through the coming decade so there is still plenty of time for newcomers to get in on the act.

Why is Affiliate Marketing so appealing?

There are many sides hustles that one can choose to do, especially with the internet making thing so accessible globally. There are transcription jobs, web design jobs, freelancing and several other tasks that can be operated from home or remotely. So what makes affiliate marketing so tempting for so many people?

It’s Easy

It doesn’t take a whole lot of technical knowledge to get started, which is what makes affiliate marketing such a popular sideline for many people. Many website builders that can be found online are specifically geared to non-tech type people and most users can get online relatively quickly by following the steps and tutorials that many site builders include.

It is a low Start-Up cost

A perfect business to operate is one that has zero to low start-up costs. This makes affiliate marketing perfect for a sideline or a full-time venture. Other than the cost of buying a domain name and building a website there is really no other cost that goes into setting up your affiliate marketing business. Of course, you can always opt to throw some dollars into some promotion and advertising but that is entirely optional.

It is Scalable

Depending on how much you want to sell you can add to your portfolio of products over time adding as many or as few as you need. There is no limit to the volume of products or services that you can sell meaning you can grow your business as much as you would like at a pace that suits you.

Starting your Affiliate Marketing website

When you have decided that you want to become an affiliate marketer you will need to have a platform for selling your products. While there are some marketers that manage this successfully by using social media alone, most people opt for selling their products and services via a blog or website.

This gives you a good place to write blogs, create product reviews and provide product comparisons, all that include your affiliate links to guide the visitor to make a purchase. Here are the steps to follow for set up and inclusion of your affiliate links.

  • Decide on what your specific niche will be and narrow down even further
  • Select a domain name and create a website
  • Research some affiliate programs and find out if they supply products that fit your niche.
  • Create content that supports your niche where you can place your affiliate links
  • Do your website SEO, research high traffic, low competition keywords that your pages and posts can rank for.
  • Connect Google Analytics to track traffic and determine which pages are the highest traffic generating.
  • Refine, drill down further and optimize more as you learn your audience.

What are the best affiliate marketing partners?

There is a wide choice of affiliate partners that you can sign up with, and you are not limited to just one. Depending on the products and offerings that you want to include on your site you can sign up with multiple affiliate partners. Some popular programs are

  • Share a sale
  • Amazon Associates
  • CJ Affiliate(previously Commission Junction)
  • Clickbank

Check the terms and most importantly what each program will pay you in commissions. Keep an eye on deals and promotions too as you can often raise your earnings by using these to your advantage.

Make sure you know what your payout levels are too, some affiliate partners set limits on this by paying or only once a month or per every $100 earned.

Fully Committed Play: 3 Amazing Things You NEED To Know

Many people have never heard of the play Fully Committed Play. Many people will think that this is about some person that has suffered a mental break in their mind and is in some mental health facility.
In fact, this is far from the case as the play surrounds a struggling actor who to make ends meat works in a New York City restaurant. So the case could be made that instead of the nut house, he works in a madhouse. All jokes aside, there are a few things that you need to look at and that you should know about the play, the writer as well as the area upon which the play is set in order to really get a full understanding of the play in general.

What Is The Fully Committed Play Based On?

Fully Committed play is based around the life of Sam an actor that keeps having trouble getting roles that he auditions for. As a result of this, he is forced to take a job inside of a top restaurant in New York as a Reservationist.

This job leaves him in a position where he is getting dumped on by his coworkers, management as well as a number of top customers that come to the restaurant on a regular basis. This leaves him feeling like there has to be more in his life. Things are not made any easier by Jerry who is successful and seems to always be rubbing it in. his father that has recently become a widow is wanting Sam to come home for Christmas.

This is the core of the story and what keeps the audience interested in how things will play out for Sam in his issue. This is a well-written story and something that many people who attend it can relate to especially if they live in the greater NYC area.

What Is Fully Committed Based On?

The inspiration for Fully Committed came from Becky Mode who just as Sam does in the play moved to NYC to become an actor. The experiences that she had while in this line of work is what led to her taking the time to write these down and share them as part of the play.

She graduated from the American Repertory Theatre Conservatory back in 1991. She decided to move to New York and thought as many people tend to do on a yearly basis that her big break would come soon enough. The truth is that this did not happen and she had to cut her teeth in the acting community all while working at a restaurant.

After some time her fortune began to change and she was able to then begin working on other projects that helped her to get out of the service industry and allow her the chance to really follow her passion. While the acting side of things did not fly, it was her writing Fully Committed that got her a break and allowed her to write for a number of other projects representing some of the biggest networks.

The Play Based On The City


Talking about New York, you need to have a little insight into the city and the history that has helped to shape it into the city it is today. In the beginning, the Dutch settled in what was then called New Amsterdam.

This would change when in 1664 the city was taken back by the English and the name was changed. The city has had a heck of a history that has involved it being even the Capital of the United States for a short time. The more that the city has changed, the more that the heart of the city has remained as strong as it is today.

People on a yearly basis head to New York in hopes that their dreams will come true and that they will make it big. The city is actually broken up into several Burroughs that each has their own unique sense of personality and show the city to be the best that it can be.

In addition to the city itself, there has to be an emphasis on the restaurants of the city. While these are known for delivering some of the best dishes you will find anywhere, there is the human side of things. It is tough to work in these restaurants as there is some clientele that is quite hard to please. Add in the fact that these restaurants have very tough and demanding shifts that will put a person working there to the test.

This is seen by the struggle that Sam experiences and the amount of trouble that he had to fit in and deal with his boss as well as his coworkers. The thing that makes it so difficult to succeed in these restaurants is the fact that there are so many people that are all going for the same roles.

This is one of the reasons why Sam seems to always be on the losing end of the auditions. While this is something that will deter many people, there are those out there that will see this as a challenge others will still head to the Big Apple in order to make their dreams come true.

Should You See Fully Committed?

This is a play that you must see if you have ever worked in a stressful job and especially if you have worked in the service industry as this will be a play that you are easily able to relate to. This has more of a human element to it than many of the plays that are out there as so many people will be able to relate to the main character.

Even if you have never worked in this line of work, you will still want to make sure that you head to the nearest theater it is playing at and sees it. This can give you a serious insight, not the service industry as well as give you some history associated with New York and the restaurants of the city. You will be glad you did and you will find yourself pulling for Sam by the time the play ends.