Embed an RSS/ATOM Feed into your WordPress Website

One of our clients needs to pull an RSS feed from a real estate virtual tour provider and display it on one of their pages. I looked into a few plugins and could not find one that was easily customizable. After a quick google search I discovered that WordPress has some built-in functions based off […]

Easily Extended Contact Info in WordPress

I’m working on a project where I need the ability to add “Phone”, “Building”, and “Room” as information a user could add in their profile. I also wanted to remove “AIM”, “Yahoo”, and “Jabber” — none of the users are going to need to fill in that info. You can easily add this code into […]

WPMU – Add ALL New Users to Main Site

In WordPress MU there are two levels of users. There are users who have a blog and users who do not have a blog. This option is usually chosen when the user creates their account. If they choose to have just a username only (no blog), then the user is added as a subscriber to […]

Hide “Back to Top” Links

Often, web pages will include links at the top of the page which reference paragraphs or sections lower on the page. A recent client’s web page had a list of links at the top of the page. Each link would cause the page to scroll down to that particular section of the web page. The […]

Setting up a single login across WordPress and WordPress MU

We recently ran into a client who needed help getting his WordPress installation and his WordPress MU installation communicating together. They had WordPress installed in the root directory of their website, and WPMU installed in a sub-directory of the same website. Both WP installations were on the same DB. Unfortunately I was unable to get […]

SysAdmin, Web Developer PC Setup

I just got a new Desktop PC, it’s a DELL 760, with two Dell 2208 WFP monitors. I thought this might be a good opportunity for me to list all the software and packages I install on my machines. I am a Systems Administrator and a Web Developer, so I use a lot of different […]

Alternate Title – WordPress

We’ve been working on a site where the client wanted the page title to be different on the front end and the back end. They want a longer more descriptive title on the back end. On the front end, they wanted to customize the title for their customers to see. Basically something small and simple. […]