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How To Create A Password Protected Children Pages?

How To Create A Password Protected Children Pages?

Today’s technology has so evolved that our little children from early age know how to use the web and browse it. Sometimes, we just want to protect them from seeing inappropriate content that is not age-relevant, so we want to add the password to a certain page, especially if you own a website. In any way, a password protected page is something that you can create and eliminate the possibility for children to see something that is not appropriate for their age. How to do this in WordPress? Is it complicated or you can do it on your own?

WordPress allows you easy password set up

Hiding your content from a certain audience (children in this example) is a common task that administrators do. You can even lock the whole website that you cannot access to unless you have the right password. WordPress is the best online platform for creating your website and allows easy updating, managing and publishing of content. On top of that, you have useful commands like the password protection to ensure that only people you want access to your website or a post. Do follow the small tutorial below in order to set the password protection.

The very first thing you need to do is to log in to your website as the administrator so you could make changes and have permissions for such actions. Now, go to the page or post you want to protect and click on EDIT command. Once you slick, you will see in the upper left corner EDIT THE VISIBILITY and click on it. The next thing is to click on PASSWORD PROTECTED and type in the password you want. Make sure you use the combination of upper case, lower case, numbers and special characters in order to produce strong password. Once you type it in, click on OK, and click on UPDATE button in the lower right corner of the window. Now just publish the post/page, load it again and check if it asks for password to access it.

You can check all the pages and posts that do require a password to access them in the list of all pages and posts. Also, you have the ability to mark it as PRIVATE so no one could see it except the EDITOR and ADMINISTRATOR. Though this is not very useful for restricting the content, it may come useful when you want to publish a post or a page just to see how it looks like on your website.

Use strong passwords!

Kids often want to break the password and will try in many different ways to do this, so make sure you use very strong password that has a lot of characters. This will make it impossible to crack it as the combinations are endless and no CPU could calculate all the combinations for it. Always use upper case, lower case, numbers and special characters to increase the strength of your password.