[Download our nonce library] We’ve recently developed our own PHP NONCE library for use with custom programming. Our version is loosely based on the implementation found inside the core WordPress software. What is an NONCE? Literally, the term refers to a number used once. In software development, it is often used as a security measure […]

WPMU – Add ALL New Users to Main Site

In WordPress MU there are two levels of users. There are users who have a blog and users who do not have a blog. This option is usually chosen when the user creates their account. If they choose to have just a username only (no blog), then the user is added as a subscriber to […]

Auto Updating WordPress with 1and1 Hosting

If you have any WordPress blogs on 1and1 then you’ve probably ran into some problems with updating certain plugins, updating the blog, or even importing to your blog. The reason is because 1and1 has some issue with PHP4 but there is an easy fix.  You need to hand edit your .htaccess file (located in the […]

Good PHP Coding Techniques

Sebastian Bergmann has put together a slideshow highlighting several tips for good PHP coding techniques. Th e slideshow is called “Quality Assurance in PHP Projects“. The slideshow includes several examples of coding and testing techniques.

Using a blog to attract customers to your business

Adding a blog to your business web site is a great way to attract customers and clients to your business.

Matt Mullenweg – Keynote – WordCamp RDU

This is the video of Matt Mullenweg’s Keynote at WordCamp RDU. Unfortunately Matt forgot to wear the lapel mic that I gave him, so I had to rip the audio from Wayne Sutton’s (@WayneSutton) UStream video ( – thanks Wayne! It is pretty well synced up, and there are a couple minutes at the front […]

Alan Knox – WordPress in Corporate and Educational Environments – WordCamp RDU

Download Alan’s Slideshow in PDF format: Implementing WordPress in Corporate and Educational Environments Alan can be reached on Twitter via @alan_knox Also watch: WordPress as a Factory (plugin development)

FullThrottle Development at WordCampRDU 2009

FullThrottle Development is excited to take part in WordCampRDU 2009 on Saturday, June 13, 2009. WordCampRDU will be held at the School of Education at North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. (For a complete schedule, click here.) FullThrottle Development is participating in WordCampRDU 2009 is several ways. First, […]