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12 BEST Creative Agency Free WordPress Themes | TOP Picks

12 BEST Creative Agency Free WordPress Themes | TOP Picks

Brands and companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their public image and reach out to more customers. In the world of e-commerce, most brands and companies are leveraging the power of digital marketing and online presence.

As such, they have realized the need to develop a corporate website that will act as the landing place for potential clients. Clean functional sites are essential for companies since they provide the perfect place for them to interact with their potential customers.

Apart from including the essentials of a company on the relevant pages of a company’s website, it is also important that such brands and companies come up with blogs that will keep their customers on their websites.

However, there is more to coming up with attractive blogs than just creating great content.

Choosing the best theme for your site helps characterize your brand such that it stands out. What’s more, it is the visual appeal that attracts first-time visitors and is probably what will keep them reading through your great content.

Luckily, WordPress has a set of free themes which creative agencies can use for their sites to attract visitors and drive more traffic. Interested in finding the best free WordPress theme for your websites?

Read on to discover the 12 best free WordPress themes.

BEST Free WordPress Themes For Creative Brands And Companies

best wordpress themes for agencies

1. Canna

Canna is a unique WordPress theme that offers flexibility to creative agencies. The developers of this theme have built it with consideration of the best user experience.

The theme is developed to work perfectly on any mobile device, including laptops, tablets and mobile phones since it is based on a Bootstrap framework.

Apart from creative agencies, this theme since it can be used by a couple of other groups like freelancers and creative minds. Agencies also like it since it can also be used for landing pages.

The theme also comes with plugins such as the Visual Composer that enables you to customize your site even without the proper coding knowledge.


2. Dendrite

Though its look might be a professional one by a quick look, Dendrite is another great theme for creative agencies. It comes with a variety of layout options and therefore suits several professions.

It is grid-like and offers smooth operation by maintaining optimal performance, which is important for any site user. The quality of this theme is checked by Envato, which also provides frequent updates so that you don’t have to worry about update files in the future.

The theme also comes with advanced typography options for your best fonts. The theme also comes with beautiful layouts that can be used to create amazing portfolios for the various professions.

3. Lorem

Lorem is another multipurpose theme that uses the most popular fashion trends and designs. The theme is focused on content creators and is therefore suited for those who want to start by attracting new customers to the sites.

The theme is also elegant and is perfect for creative agencies as well as businesses who wish to launch and run projects that aim at building their image.

The Lorem theme is tailor-made to suit several combinations, including online stores due to its robust layout builder and e-commerce features.

The theme is also likable due to its neatness and simplicity which make the theme to support all types of posts.

4. Millo

This simplistic WordPress theme is optimized for a photography portfolio. It can, therefore, be used by creative agencies and also those that focus on food, travel or even photography blogging.

Photo studios can also use this theme on their site since it is optimized for such applications. Just as any other WordPress theme, Millo can be used for sites that run commercial projects since they are all licensed under the GPL v2 license.

This theme also lets you juggle several sets of colors so that you come up with your best combination.

5. Expedition

This award-winning WordPress theme is another one that can be used by several creative agencies. Unlike other colorful themes for creative agencies, Expedition is a clean theme that is optimized for blogs.

It is therefore perfect for agencies that desire to drive traffic to their site by creating and posting great and engaging content that would help attract and retain visitors on the site.

In anticipation of visitors to such sites, this theme is also designed to perform optimally and also offers functionality.

All these features are instrumental in attracting a user’s attention and also help a site look progressive and modern.

6. Web Ding

Web design and development agencies are favored to use this theme for their sites as it is highly responsive. The theme provides for a service section which allows creative agencies to showcase the services that they offer.

Through this section, one can set a double image from the back end. This theme also has a blog page layout option that enables site owners to display updates on their agency as well as the latest news.

Through blog posts by agencies, customers track their activities and also follow any project by the agency.

7. Outline

The major talking point of this theme is its simplicity and flexibility in its usage. The theme is also elegantly executed by combining a classy style and refining its development. It offers a simple outline that is clean and beautiful

8. Leanex Lite

Specially customized for bloggers and the creative lot, the Leanex lite theme comes with amazing options for customizing.

Some of these options include selecting the fonts of your choice, variations of the layout for the blog and portfolio pages, color blend and many other options.

This theme is also suited to freelancer portfolios, photobloggers, and creative agencies at large.

9. Bridge

The Bridge WordPress theme comes with glossy animation effects which are aimed at attracting the attention of website visitors. The theme is also packed with various templates that allow users to display their portfolios and services.

The templates also allow for the insertion of shortcodes such as tabs, accordions, pricing tables, and even parallax backgrounds. The Bridge WordPress theme also allows for social media integration.

It also comes with unlimited colors, menu variations, and headers, all which make it easy to create a unique and colorful website. Users can also add video backgrounds and set pattern images for page sections.

10. HipsTech

The HipsTech WordPress theme is ideal for creative agencies, especially those that offer digital solutions. Such agencies may be responsible for creating websites and running digital projects for clients.

This theme provides flexibility and functionality, therefore providing the much-needed visual appeal on website pages.

It also features a page builder that segments a page into a header, body, and footer which helps to differentiate the content on these three categories.

Other features of the HipsTech WordPress theme include up to 10 header styles and different homepage design layout templates.

11. MePro

The MePro WordPress theme is built with the Unyson Framework. Creative agencies like it for its responsiveness and creative portfolio and several other agencies can use it due to its flexibility.

Personal bloggers, companies and e-commerce agencies can use the MePro theme to create pages with less hassle.

Build with the same framework with which the Amanda WordPress theme is built, this theme offers its users over 15-page templates as well as over 5 homepages.

With it, creative agencies can build unique and intriguing homepages to match their preferences and profile.

Customization options besides, this theme also puts the best web technology to use: Ajax, jQuery, and Parallax effects, all which result in the creation of stand-out websites.

12. Brooklyn

The Brooklyn WordPress theme is also another option for creative agencies looking to run unique websites. It allows for easy portfolio management and attractive pricing tables, which are key to attracting visitors, who could turn into clients.

The theme comes with a drag-and-drop interface that is supported by the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer.

These allow for full customization of the page layout and also the creation of beautiful slideshows that allow users to highlight their services and recent blogs.

The Brooklyn theme also features a one-click demo import along with theme options that allow users to enjoy the look and use of a fully customized website.

The theme is also a perfect choice for agencies that want to set up their websites a quickly as possible, giving them the required outlook and functionality.


With plenty of free WordPress themes available for creative agencies to use for their websites, the choice depends on the outlook required as well as the functionality.

Most of the free WordPress themes for creative agencies allow for customization of the web pages.

They are also highly responsiveness thanks to the latest web technology such as Ajax and jQuery. Further, these themes allow for the inclusion of testimonials as well as icons for the visual appeal of the website.

12 BEST WordPress Themes for Dropshipping in 2019 | TOP Picks

12 BEST WordPress Themes for Dropshipping in 2019 | TOP Picks

The dropshipping business is now a global phenomenon, thanks to the quick website facility that allows people to start a business in a few days. If one can strike a partnership with a reputable manufacturer, the online dropshipping business will soar high.

However, one needs to have an attractive website that is fast and persuasive so that potential customers can consider buying from a new company. Customers are not afraid to try new brands online, especially if they come across a user-friendly website.

On the other hand, if the website is slow and unappealing, there’s a good that the customers will switch to a different website without wasting time.

Since the Dropshipping business is highly reliant on the appearance and performance of the website, it is essential that people pay more attention to the themes that they use.

And, when it comes to themes, WordPress is the best place to hunt for dropshipping themes that generate excellent conversions.

List Of 12 Best WordPress Themes for Dropshipping in 2019

best wordpress drop shipping themes


What is it: This is an Editor’s Choice WordPress theme for a reason. It is versatile, it is highly customizable, and it is cheap.

Why people love it: This is the ideal dropshipping theme both for novice and experienced Dropshippers. For people who don’t have any experience in coding, Flatsome is here to overlook that flaw.

This drag and drop page builder is highly responsive, and the best part is, users can customize the site according to the features they need. If users want to build a dropshipping site that is both attractive and fast, they should use the Flatsome theme.

Price: Average.

Where to get it:


What is it: A WordPress theme that has tons of SEO-optimized themes and dropship website templates.

Why people love it: There is no doubt that SEO will play a crucial role in improving the user’s chances of checking out products and turning into an actual customer.

Betheme will ensure that they can create a customized website that is already SEO-optimized, thanks to over 260+ pre-built website designs and plugins.

Creating an SEO-optimized website will keep the user ahead in the game, and when they can use a theme that assures this feat, don’t think twice before considering using it.

Price: Average.

Where to get it:


What is it: Websites with responsive designs and UX create a positive impression on customers, much like what Handmade offers to the users.

Why people love it: Handmade offers a plethora of features so that one can create a Dropshipping website without knowing how to code.

It comes with custom shortcodes, one-click demo importer, a variety of product filter widgets, and several other features. Most importantly, users get an in-built Visual composer that allows them to drag and drop the features they want on the website.

Users can add their Revolution slider to showcase some of the best-selling products of their brand. With multilingual and cross-browser support, Handmade is one of the best WordPress themes that will help design a unique dropshipping website.

Price: Average.

Where to get it:


What is it: This incredible dropshipping theme from WordPress allows users to create a website within a few minutes.

Why people love it: For people who are searching for a theme that will allow them to create a tailor-made website, then Avada will be the theme to use.

Users can literally pick up all the graphical elements they need in the site and also choose from several pre-designed layouts. This is the ideal theme that a dropshipping website needs. Plus, it is SEO optimized.

Price: Average.

Where to get it:


What is it: This is a clean, robust, and professional theme that allows users to showcase their products online.

Why people love it: Minimalistic websites are on the rise now, and Aurum provides the deft touch when users create their Dropshipping site.

This is one of the few WordPress themes that provide value for money. The highly responsive UX, attractive minimalistic design and templates, and clean look make the website look incredible.

Most importantly, premium customer support is always ready to help people understand things better. Moreover, it supports RTL and WPML meaning one can convert the language of the website to a different one including Hebrew and Arabic.

Price: Average.

Where to get it:


What is it: The perfect theme to show products and attract more customers into the site. It is appropriate for those who don’t have coding experience.

Why people love it: Unlimited page layouts, 6-month customer support, fully compatible WPML plugin, and creating pages without coding knowledge using drag and drop – all these features make Bronx one of the most popular Dropshipping themes from WordPress.

Customers will be in awe when they visit the website. The designs and templates are incredibly beautiful.

Price: Pricey.

Where to get it:


What is it: This is currently the most-used dropshipping WordPress theme that offers a quick setup facility so that one can start their business with minimal fuss.

Why people love it: This theme has a hassle-free approach to website creation. The customization options are easy to understand and it requires low maintenance.

Users get video walkthroughs, friendly documentation, and regular updates so that they can tweak their website whenever they want.

The drag and drop function allows users to pick versatile designs. Unlock advanced themes from Shopkeeper after purchasing the full version. There are unique layouts and pre-built designs that will come in handy.

Price: Expensive.

Where to get it:


What is it: This WordPress theme has no shortage of website templates that are ideal for any dropshipping website.

Why people love it: UberStore offers countless homepage slides, visual composer, and revolution slider so that one can create an attractive home page for the website. There are advanced themes that give full control of the website.

The custom widgets, WPML support, cross-browser support, SEO optimization, and one-click installation make UberStore a popular WordPress theme for Dropshipping websites.

This theme will make the website aesthetically pleasing. It is so attractive that customers will want to come back here to shop more.

Price: Average.

Where to get it:

The Retailer

What is it: With a straightforward and sleek design, this premium theme is a favorite among users who want to showcase their products on the home page.

Why people love it: Websites these days need to open quickly on all devices. Whether it is a mobile phone or laptop, speed is crucial for the website.

The Retailer theme provides precisely the speed that websites need to create a positive first impression on potential customers.

The quick setup and installation are also two more reasons why people love this theme. Dropshippers will love this WordPress theme considering how easy it is to create the website using the drag and drop feature.

Price: Bargain.

Where to get it:


What is it: This pixel-perfect theme takes dropshipping websites to another level. It is a gem of a theme for those who want a clean and ultra-professional look.

Why people love it: The adaptive images, advanced grid design, and unlimited layouts make Uncode a fan-favorite. It can detect the screen size of the user and automatically rescale the images so that viewers don’t find the pages disproportionate.

The improved Power Media library allows users to add media like video or images that Uncode will make it compatible for the site.

Price: Bargain.

Where to get it:


What is it: Also known as the king-size WordPress theme, XStore is highly responsive, allowing users to create the perfect dropshipping website.

Why people love it: There is not even a single flaw with this WordPress theme. It has over 70 prebuilt intuitive demos that allow users to get an idea on how to design the best dropshipping website.

Each demo caters to a different niche so that users can choose the plugins accordingly. The beautiful templates together with the responsive UX make this theme a must-have for Dropshippers who want to develop a website quickly.

Price: Average.

Where to get it:


What is it: This is the most elegant dropshipping WordPress theme, making it extremely popular among WordPress users. The visuals are incredible, and users can expect to create a website that is visually stunning.

Why people love it: The advanced page builder allows the users to create the most beautiful dropshipping websites ever. There are premium features available if the users purchase the full version.

Apart from the visuals, the theme makes sure that the website has an easy UX. This theme claims that users can build anything visually. It is powered by an insanely fast intuitive editor, Divi Builder, that changes the way Dropshippers build websites.

Price: Pricey.

Where to get it:

When a good theme is the need of the hour for a dropshipping website, users shouldn’t waste time in searching for themes that promise too much, but hardly provide the required features.

These twelve themes are tried and tested by thousands. Use them to see significant growth in website traffic and conversions from your dropshipping site.

Can Developers Use Parallel Profits?

Can Developers Use Parallel Profits?

The concept of parallel profits had emerged a few years ago when the SEO attracted more attention regarding the better converting and getting profit from the websites. It is basically a training guide that shows you how to basically run your online business efficiently while earning a decent amount of money. Marketing experts, Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth, have started this concept that helps people who have no practical selling experience and want to earn money from home. The system sounds cool but can developers use this system to earn money aside?

Yes, but it requires investment

Parallel-ProfitsLike every job, a little bit of initial investment is a requirement. All the developers can use this system to earn some money aside, especially if they get familiar with all the catches and tips in this job. However, the training is not cheap at all and requires a decent investment that you need to make to learn from this course. While it is a bit expensive, it is also a very smart investment that will earn you thousands of dollars if you apply it well. The price of the Parallel Profit is $2497, which is a large amount of money that you need to pay off. Still, you will be able to return all the investment in a short time if you decide enough time to learn about it. For those that cannot pay all at once, there is a possibility to pay in three parts, in the amounts of $997.

They still need to study it

DeveloperAlthough they are developing websites and often have some experience in SEO, in order to earn more money the developers will have to devote some time to learning. But this will be more than paid off in a short time, as the developers know how to develop a website and can add this knowledge to the existing to make everything on their own and earn more money. Some things from this system will be familiar with, as they had encountered some things, but some of them will have to learn from the beginning. In any way, the more they study, the more effective the system will be, which means more money. Although it is not an easy task to spend a lot of time learning, it is definitely worth it.

Some of them will even change their job

Yes, this happened many times, as developers simply get bored with a lot of coding and programming, so they start searching for something more “natural”. The Parallel System allows them to work with the SEO principles and develop own marketing strategies that would eventually earn more profit than some default methods. This is exactly as this system teaches you to develop your own strategy, based on several parameters and factors.  A survey showed that one third of developers decided to change their work field once they have learned this system. Still, the final results solely depend on you, your plan and strategy, so the devotion is the key to success in this business.

These Are The Three Best WordPress E-Signature Plugins

These Are The Three Best WordPress E-Signature Plugins

Signing a paper/document is very important, as your document will not be valid unless signed. In the digital era, you have the opportunity to use technology for signing your papers, without being physically present.

Have you wondered is it possible to find a WordPress plugin that will enable you to sign your documents digitally? Which one is the best? Which one will work flawlessly?

Well, there are several good plugins that perform this task and we will present the best ones in this article.

First of all – why do you need a plugin?

TitleThe plugin will be of great benefit to all users who run digital business where they need to sign papers and approve transactions or confirmations to the clients.

Instead of signing papers physically and then sending them through the post office, you can use your digital signature and cut down costs and time.

Very convenient, isn’t it? Well, if you are one of those people who need this kind of service, pick one of the best WordPress digital signature plugins that we are presenting below.

Note that each of these performs basically the same thing and they are all working great.

WP Online Contract

WP Online Contract is the premium WordPress plugin for the digital signature. I first discovered it thanks to Hosting Foundry It allows you to create easily contracts through the editor that allows you to create and save templates for future contracts. The best part is that the plugin is compatible with almost all devices, ranging from the handheld to MAC devices.

The plugin stores your IP address and timestamps when you sign digitally your paper. It supports also the integration of other payment systems and gateways, which makes it versatile and very welcome when it comes to online payments. Though the premium version is not free, but it is worth every penny!

WP – E-Signature

This plugin is the best one if you are planning to sign legal documents and you only need to pay once for the plugin so you can use it as my times as you want to. You manage it and set it up through the WordPress platform and allows you uploading, sending, editing and receiving the signed papers from your clients. It is UETA and ESIGN compatible, which means you can use these in the court if needed to. People who often deal with the legal documents and signing the contracts will have a great benefit of this one, though the price tag is not that small. However, it works perfectly well so do not regret money if you need this!


WooCommerce-ExtensionFor all those who are running e-commerce, this WooCommerce plugin is the way to go! It helps you to manage large amounts of purchases on your site and allows easy validation of transactions and orders.

However, in order to function well, the customers will have to have the support for e-signatures, otherwise, they will not be able to make an order and pay for it. This one distinguishes among others as it allows you to create PDF files, upload signatures in emails and a lot of customization options!

WordPress Plugin To Stop Trackback Dos Attacks

WordPress Plugin To Stop Trackback Dos Attacks

Living in the internet era, you have to know all the things that could potentially make harm to your business, as the number of hackers has never been bigger than now. Hackers get hired by the competitors who want to disrupt their competition and take over the market and the hackers use various techniques to disrupt the targeted website. While WordPress is the most known platform for website development, there are useful plugins that can prevent these attacks, including DDOS attack. The DDOS attack is one of the most used techniques as it is relatively easy to create and deploy so a lot of people use this to destroy websites at least for a while.

What is DDOS attack ?

The DDos attacks are one of the oldest ways of disrupting the website and these had been present for more than two decades in the online world and the world of the Internet. The term means Distributed Denial Of Service and it is an attack method where an attacker sends a huge amount of traffic/requests (usually a programmed line of code) through different computers with the goal of disrupting the target so it eventually stops working and accepting the requests and users. It works by maxing out the network’s bandwidth which slows down the server’s response time and makes it useless eventually.

In order to DDOS attack becomes efficient, a hacker must build a botnet. The botnet is actually a network of computers with the real users who are not aware that their computers contain a program that serves as a weapon during the DDOS attack. The hackers use experience and knowledge to install these on computers without anyone noticing this activity. The very next time your PC becomes slow unusually, try to scan it with the updated antivirus program. If it is not working, delete the OS to make sure you eliminated the infected program.

WordFence is a must!

This security plugin can successfully protect your WordPress site as it monitors every request and user that visits the site. The embedded security script analyzes resources and monitors the resources allocated for the attack, as well as the time of requests. The complex procedural function compares all the data and determines if the DDOS attack has been performed. In case it is, it activates the security firewall and script that does not allow any further requests that are suspicious and marked as threat.

PAD – Protection Against DDos

This is not a standard plugin, but you must find it manually and install on your site. The plugin routinely inspects the memory and monitors if there is a bottleneck that is unusual or comes from the unusual source. Once it identifies that the DDOS attack has been performed, the plugin automatically terminates and blocks all the suspicious requests, so memory leakage would not appear and thus the website will not go offline. PAD is a cool plugin that is praised by many users so consider one having in your library as you never know when someone will shut down your website, at least for fun.

Here Is How You Can Prevent WordPress To Show Sub Categories

Here Is How You Can Prevent WordPress To Show Sub Categories

Using the WordPress platform, you must have had a situation where the WordPress does something that you do not like and you would like to prevent that. The problems may vary from loading the inappropriate homepage to the wrong redirection of URLs. One of the problems that might be bad for users, especially when it comes to staying within the good SEO limits, is showing the child categories or sub categories. While there are some plugins that eliminate this problem, the bigger problem is that it does not work every time. So, how can you solve this problem efficiently?

The problem of subcategories

Let’s say that you have a category “weather” and inside this, you have two subcategories: “world” and “the US”. When a user visits your site and presses on the “weather” category, he will see all posts from that category but will also see these two mentioned child categories. Now, this becomes irritating and sometimes bad for your SEO so you will probably want to eliminate this feature and allow only to see the main category.  Even Google can ban your site as it can think that you are duplicating the content by adding the same post in two different categories, so the experienced developers will want to get rid of this problem. Even if you are not that experienced, do not worry as you will be able to solve this problem easily.

Sub CategoriesDo not worry really, the solution is not far away and everyone who has at least a basic understanding of coding can perform this on his own and solve the problem.  Even if you do not have, just follow the instructions that are described below. So, how to solve this problem, you might ask? Should you use plugins? Yes, there are plugins that solve this, but very often they crash and the user still can see the child categories. To avoid plugins, you can use a simple hack that will solve this.

How to solve it without a plugin?

First of all – back up your archive.php and category.php before you do anything! You do not want to lose your posts and archive! Open archive.php and inspect the code. Try to find a line that is similar to this:

“<?php while (have_posts())” : the_post(); ?>”. Once you find this line, you need to add another line, AFTER THIS LINE. Now, add:

“<? if ((is_category()) &amp;&amp; in_category($wp_querry->get_queried_object_id())) {?>”.

The function of this line is to assess whether we see a category and that the post we are looking at is a righteous member of this category. Now, find the line:

“<?php endwhile; ?>” and add the following line before it:

“<?php } ?>”.

You have basically added this small modification that will prevent the WP to show subcategories, but only the parent category. It is required to have some posts in the “weather” category in order to function correctly. So, you did a small modification to your WP theme!