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How to Make a Good Espresso at Home

How to Make a Good Espresso at Home

“This is a good life!” Those are the words I mutter when the bliss of a good warm espresso trickles down my guts.

“Why is this feeling often gotten in a coffee shop?” Every time I am wowed at the impressive skill found in a cup of shop-bought espresso, I ask myself this question.

In a bid to have that coffee shop feeling, I did some research that involved months of trials and errors. This article will highlight some information you need to pull off a stunning espresso shot. Read on to learn how to make a good espresso at home.

Select Good Coffee Beans

Most profitable businesses had signaled their success right from the startup. Take making espresso as a business and startup with good coffee beans.

Depending on your preference, you may need to pay attention to the roast profile (roasting date and roast intensity).

A deeply roasted and dark beans will taste bitter, while light coffee beans, on the other hand, will be too acidic. A medium roasted coffee bean is usually recommended.

However, you may choose to inform the coffee roaster of your preference and let him choose an espresso bean for you.

Store Well

The importance of fresh beans does not mean you need to grind your beans immediately you get it from the supermarket. No matter how good a coffee bean is, its ‘niceness profile’ goes down the drain if stored improperly.

Coffee beans usually soak up a bunch of CO2 when roasting. Therefore, you may need to degas the package by allowing it to rest. Although, you tend to lose the flavor of the beans if you degas excessively.

Also, coffee beans are not soda or juice. Buying massively or storing coffee beans in a refrigerator or freezer is not the best option.

Store in a cool and dry place away from heat/extreme cold and excessive sunlight.

A Good Gear is Important

how to make a good espresso

You may not be a machine expert, but just like I did, you need to pay attention to certain features of an espresso machine.

A coffee brewer’s stability and consistency is one important feature you should look out for.

Are the machine’s temperature, volume, and pressure stable? Are these parameters not fluctuating? A good coffee machine would provide a consistent taste, temperature, and volume from the first cup to the last.

If you like to experiment with your espresso, try getting a gear that gives you total control over every outcome.

Clean and maintain your machine at intervals. It is your ‘sweet espresso giving grail’ take care of it like a medallion.

A good maintenance routine is essential as a poor one can badly affect the quality of espressos you make.

Grinding your Coffee

The degree of extraction determines the taste of the coffee. The level of extraction is also proportional to the beans’ grind size, meaning when you control the grind size, you control the extraction, taste, and flavor level.

Apart from the fact that coffee beans degas rapidly after grinding, it should be noted that the bigger the grind size, the shorter the extraction or brew time.

Typically, a good espresso should take 20-30 seconds to brew. If the grind is too fine, it will take longer brew time. The machine will find it difficult to push water through the portafilter.

Before you start grinding, allow the grinder to run for some seconds to purge the grinder of leftover particles from the previous grind.

Water vs. Coffee

The volume of water needed to brew an espresso depends on your preference.

Typically, it is suggested that you use 3ml of water for every gram of coffee. However, if you want your coffee to be strong, you may decide to use 2ml of water for every gram of coffee.

Also, water quality and temperature are as crucial as the volume. Hard water can give incredibly dull brews as well as gradually damaging your equipment. Soft water, on the other hand, can may your coffee taste flat.

Water temperature is a thing of preference. The temperature of the water can significantly affect brew flavor.


If your espresso is not evenly distributed in the portafilter, you will have a poor coffee.

When some parts of the portafilter are packed tighter than the other, water runs through the less tightly packed parts smoothly. The grinds then become unevenly extracted. You should ensure that the coffee grind is evenly distributed for a perfect brew.

You are ready to serve and taste the fantastic espresso you just pulled off. You should also learn how to clean espresso machine professionally so your machine will last longer.

What You Need to Know About Overnight Freedom Ultra

What You Need to Know About Overnight Freedom Ultra

If you are familiar with affiliate marketing, you know a lot has been happening here lately. There have been a lot of positive changes since Overnight Freedom Ultra came on board.

With this course, you can earn a 6 to 7 figure in affiliate marketing. This figure is a big one! You want to get involved, but what is Overnight Freedom? Well, let’s get right to it.

What is Overnight Freedom?

Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition is a program that enlightens you on how to earn from paid traffic. The program teaches you how to make money from being an affiliate.

As an affiliate, you earn a percentage from the sales of the products you advertise. You advertise a highly-sort after product, make sales, and earn. It’s that straightforward.

The course runs for eight weeks, with eight-core modules. The program is live and opens you up to opportunities in the trade.

Overnight Freedom is incomparable. It’s nothing like the courses you’ve had so far. It helps you build a career in affiliate marketing with relative ease. Do you still want to know more? Let’s look at what Overnight Freedom entails.

What is in Overnight Freedom?

Picture of inside overnight freedom ultra

As an affiliate marketer looking to boost your income, Overnight Freedom is your call. This package is complete and amazing. Here’s what you get:

1. Invaluable Course Content

This course is packed with the essentials of affiliate marketing. It teaches how to set up your Facebook Marketing Funnel and use the perfect ad. You also learn hacks and strategies to increase your figures.

This course is the first of its kind. It is spread across eight weeks with a different lesson for each. This course teaches you the nitty-gritty of affiliate marketing.

2. Monetization Strategies

In this course, Rob and Gerry reveal top monetization strategies. You learn how to earn a high percentage commission from inexpensive digital products. You will know how to draw a recurring commission from recurring products.

You will also learn how to earn a high commission from promoting high-ticket offers and lots more. In a nutshell, this course teaches you how to make affiliate marketing lucrative for yourself.

Why do you need Overnight Freedom Ultra?

There are several courses on affiliate marketing. However, Overnight Freedom brings more to the table. If you are considering registering for a class, look no further.

I’m sure you want to know why the strong recommendation for this course. Well, there are lots of benefits. This course is an excellent choice for a lot of reasons, including:

1. Site Builder Software

This program introduces you to site builder software. You have the benefit of building Facebook, YouTube, and Google-compliant sites with ease.

2. Powerful Traffic Sources

This course teaches you how to scale and earn big. It uses Facebook Ads and Google Display Network. The benefits are worth it.

3. Premium Ad Generator

Premium Ad Generator writes your ads using ads on YouTube and Facebook. You get the best ads with ease.

4. Great Commissions

You get the chance to earn a high commission, even up to 90%. The organizers of the program work with vendors with higher commissions. An extra benefit is earning up to 50% for products between $500 and $2500.

The earnings are unbelievably high. Students can earn over $100,000 annually from weekly sales as low as four per week.

5. Motivating prizes

Overnight Freedom offers cash prizes in the first 12 months. The prizes are meant to encourage and motivate students to put the knowledge acquired from the course to good use.


Overnight Freedom is a game-changer in the world of affiliate marketing. Going for this course is a wise investment. The eight weeks and money you will spend on this course are worth it. The dividends start coming in no time.

KIBO Code Review [FULL BREAKDOWN] | Scam Or Legit?

KIBO Code Review [FULL BREAKDOWN] | Scam Or Legit?

The KIBO Code program, which was created by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, is due to launch in January of 2020. Many people have been hunting for additional information on this program.

Is the KIBO Code Program the real deal, or will it fail to live up to all the hype? You can learn everything you need to know about this program at the KIBO Code review. Learn more about it here

What Is The KIBO Code Program?

Inside Kibo Code

This program is designed to change the way that eCommerce is handled. It’s a new and exciting program that teaches people how to build a thriving eCommerce business.

KIBO Code is simple to grasp and it’s easy to use too. It’s also incredibly lucrative if you follow the instructions that the program gives you.

This online training program will teach you how you can earn a profit through online marketing. The program lasts for eight weeks and has six different modules.

Unlike many other training programs, it’s not a requirement for you to advertise on Facebook or sell your product on Amazon. Instead, you’ll be able to learn new strategies to find e-commerce success.

The people behind the KIBO Code program have found success in the world of marketing, and now, they want to teach others their secrets.

Since 2008, Booth and Clayton have been working to develop advanced training courses, and this program is their next big launch. Back in 2018, they released the 7 Figure Cycle, which wound up being a huge hit.

Although people raised a few key issues with that course, total sales after launch were more than $11 million.

These are a few of the features that you’ll see in the KIBO Code Program:

  • Amazon isn’t actually a necessity
  • Facebook Ads are valuable, but they aren’t required
  • You can find success without partnering with warehouses or global suppliers
  • You don’t even need to be concerned with stock!

What Does The KIBO Code Course Cover?

Kibo Code Preview

As mentioned above, there are six modules in the KIBO Code. The modules will teach you strategies that will help you to launch a successful online business.

Module 1: Marketing Basics

This program can be used by anyone, even people that are new to online marketing. Because of this, the initial module covers marketing basics.

This module will teach you the essentials of affiliate marketing. You’ll even learn how you can use affiliate marketing to increase your earnings.

By following the instructions outlined in this module, you’ll be able to learn how to create sales funnels.

Module 2: Facebook Advertisements

A lot of people say that Facebook advertisements have already had their day in the sun. However, these ads are still highly relevant. With the right strategies, you can get big success from Facebook ad campaigns.

The focus on this module will help you to make smart and creative choices if you choose to run Facebook ads. You’ll learn how to target the right audience, create effective ads, and about the many kinds of Facebook ads.

Module 3: Business Analysis

In order to run a successful business, you’ll need to learn how to read reports. Through analysis, you can learn how to get more from your business. As you look over reports, you’ll be able to learn how to boost profits, scale revenue, and develop a smart and effective business plan.

Module 4: When To Run Ads

Advertising is an essential component of running an e-commerce business. However, it isn’t always easy to determine when you need to advertise. Different types of products appeal to different markets. You’ll need to tailor your ad strategy to the products you’re selling.

In this module, you’ll be able to deepen your understanding of ads. You’ll also learn how to build ads that will appeal to your target audience by utilizing the sales funnel you’ve created.

Module 5: How To Keep Your Customers

This program is built around teaching you how to attract repeat customers. If you can convince customers to shop with you again and again, your business will be a big success.

In this module, you’ll be able to learn strategies that will help you keep your customers engaged, including sending appealing emails.

Module 6: Bidding Skill

Product bidding and research are how you will be able to locate products that are right for the eCommerce business you’re running. This module teaches you how to find products that will draw in potential customers and help you earn a profit.

Once you’ve finished this module, you won’t need any assistance to located the hottest products for your store. You’ll be able to do that on your own.

Even if you have concerns about this program, you’ll find that this module addresses them. It’s clear that the KIBO Code Program will be a huge success!

Who Are Aidan Booth And Steve Clayton?

Kibo Code Review

Aidan Booth runs, a blog that discusses online marketing. He’s an expert on both eCommerce and online marketing. As you read through his blog posts, you’ll be able to see how he’s achieved impressive results for both himself and the clients that work with him.

Aidan Booth

Aidan stumbled into the world of online marketing. He didn’t speak Spanish when he and his wife suddenly moved to Argentina. This was why he started focusing his attention on digital marketing back in 2005.

Within a year, he was more comfortable working online. He built a few simple affiliate websites and used Google AdWords to attract traffic to these sites.

Even though he wasn’t earning big commissions at that point in time, he’d found a new and effective way to earn money.

Eventually, he began to drift away from affiliate sites that relied on paid traffic and started using a combination of eCommerce and affiliate sites. This allowed him to maximize the traffic he was getting from Google and increase his earnings even more.

Today, the business he started building in 2005 has evolved into something huge. He teamed up with Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton, giving each of them one-third ownership in the company he had created.

Because Clayton had experience working at the CFO for a Fortune 500 Company, he had the experience necessary for the job.

Prior to bringing on these new partners, Aidan knew that he needed to find some ways to diversify the company that he had built. However, he didn’t have a plan in place that would help him to do that.

Bringing in partners was one of the first steps he took to strengthen his company, and the impact it had was huge.

A Look At Some Of Aidan’s Past Programs

1. Parallel Profit

Aidan and Steve have developed many programs together. Like the KIBO Code program, Parallel Profit is an online marketing program that is designed to help people earn money online.

2. 7 Figure Cycle

The purpose of this program is to teach people how to make a profit via Amazon FBA. Aidan and Steve offer strategies that can help you to bring in seven figures a year with the Amazon FBA program.

3. 100k Factory

This affiliate marketing course was a huge hit. Because students responded so positively to this program, Aidan and Steve have actually released two distinct versions of the course.

Who Can Benefit From The KIBO Code Training Program?

KIBO Code is a program that’s designed to help people that are ready to launch an affiliate marketing and eCommerce business. This program is appropriate for anyone, even novices. After all, the first module covers marketing essentials.

KIBO Code Cost And Installment Plans

You’ll be spending $3,497 on the KIBO code program. Alternatively, you have the option of paying for your course in three separate installments. The installments will cost $1,167 each.

Is The KIBO Code Program Worth The Money?

This program is focused on eCommerce, an area in which Aidan and Steve both excel.

If you take the time to search “the KIBO” or “the KIBO Code,” you’ll discover information on the subject of robotics. The Kibororobot was developed by Kinderlab and was designed for children.

The cutting-edge robot is able to teach kids things like robotics, coding basics, and how to think logically. It’s easy to see a few similarities between this robot and The KIBO Code.

If you’re ready to learn how to build a successful eCommerce business, but you need some guidance along the way, you’ll be able to get that from the KIBO Code.

I’m a firm believer in the work that both Aidan and Steve are doing. Because of this, I’m providing a free KIBO Code bonus that won’t cost you a thing.

KIBO Code Bonuses

There are a number of bonuses you can enjoy when you participate in this program, such as:

1. Personal development

One of the biggest bonuses available is a direct video call with the people that created the KIBO Code. This is a great opportunity to ask for specific advice or to talk about your store. This is an amazing way to learn from an eCommerce expert!

Of course, you won’t want to let an opportunity like this go to waste. Make sure you’ve put together a solid business plan before you contact the creators.

2. SEO Book

Another KIBO Code bonus is that the program will help you improve your SEO. Search engine optimization is essential to businesses. With this book, you’ll be able to improve your store’s search engine rankings.

With this book, you’ll find out what you should keep in mind when you’re adding new products to your website.

3. E-Mail Marketing Guide

The third bonus available is a guide that’s packed with suggestions for email marketing. In this guide, you’ll learn essential secrets that will help you use email marketing in a more effective way.

Emails are one of the best ways to tell customers about new products or special offers that are available. In fact, some reports say that over 35% of sales come exclusively from email marketing.

4. Amazon Marketing

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce retailer in the world. With this guide, you’ll learn how to find more success on Amazon. By following this advice, you’ll be able to earn more on every available platform.

The strategies outlined in this guide will help you to effectively sell all kinds of different products on the official Amazon marketplace.

5. Subscriber Increasing Guide

In this bonus guide, you’ll find out how you can boost the subscriber base for your business. Having subscribers will make it easier for you to get out the word about the new products you’re offering.

The guide will also instruct you on how you can make sure the subscribers on your site and mailing list remain active and engaged.

6. Success Guide And Checklist

In the final bonus guide, you’ll learn how to build the right kind of landing page for your site. When customers are determining whether or not a site is trustworthy, they’ll look at the landing page.

This bonus guide also comes with a checklist. You can go through the checklist to see if there are any changes you need to make to improve your business.

KIBO Code Review Conclusion

It’s likely that this program will see a lot of positive attention. There’s a lot of demand for this kind of knowledge. People that want to leave their office jobs behind can build a successful career via this program.

Based on what we’ve seen of the program, the modules seem to be very impressive. The program’s creators also have extensive experience.

That’s why we’re willing to stand behind the program with a recommendation. The creators of the program have already earned millions via these methods, and you could too.

The KIBO Code program introduces techniques that don’t require you to make a purchase or spend money on ads just to earn a profit. You’ll learn everything you need in order to build a successful business.

You’ll be able to learn more about the product after it’s release. We’d love to see what you think of the KIBO Code!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Enroll In The KIBO Code Course?

Once registration opens, you can register on the official site.

2. How Can I Get In Touch With The Program Creators?

Once you’ve enrolled in the program, you can schedule a video call with the program creator. You also have the option of sending off an email to the creators at any time.

3. When Can I Launch My Store?

This program is designed to last for eight weeks. After you’ve finished the program, you’ll be ready to launch your store.

4. When Will The Program Be Released?

The KIBO Code is scheduled to release before January 2020 is over. If you want to look at the status of the program, you can take a look at the official site.

5. What Can I Do If This Program Doesn’t Work For Me?

The KIBO Program was created with care. With that said, if you’re not satisfied with the program, you will have the option of asking for a full refund. For refund rules and restrictions, please refer to the terms and conditions found on the official website.

6. Will I Receive Any Bonuses With The Program?

The program provides you with six bonuses so that you can find out even more about marketing. These bonuses can help you to build on some of the things you’ll learn in the KIBO Code program.

Amazing Selling Machine Black Friday Deals For 2019

Amazing Selling Machine Black Friday Deals For 2019

Have you been considering buying Amazing Selling Machine, but have been putting it off hoping to get a good black Friday deal? If so, I have both bad news and good news for you. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. Amazing Selling Machine is not offering a Black Friday discount deal.

Actually, they don’t even offer a discount. So there isn’t any point in holding out for one.

However, the good news is they are opening up registration for their course for Black Friday and are offering some great bonuses in advance.

You can’t purchase the Amazing Selling Machine currently since its doors are closed. However, if you have been looking to purchase the course, we have some good news since they will be opening the door soon and they are offering some very sweet deals to go along with it.

So what are the Black Friday Deals that Amazing Selling Machine is offering for 2019?

black friday amazing selling machine

The exciting part is the bonuses that are being offered by Amazing Selling Machine for Black Friday in 2019.

As I previously mentioned, the Amazing Selling Machine is closed right now. However, you can still sign up and be notified on December 2, 2019, of their re-opening.

Having to wait to buy it does kind of suck, but this year they are making it worth the wait by offering these awesome bonuses:

Bonus 1: Two One-on-One Private Coaching Calls

This might be the most exciting bonus out of all of them. Being able to watch videos ad go through them carefully is an excellent way to learn. However, actually getting to sit down with someone where they examine your business with you is the very best way to take it up to the next level.

With this bonus, Amazing Selling Machine gets you in touch with sellers with successful Amazon FBA business who can tell you things you might not have been able to figure out on your own unless you have been running your own business for quite some time.

This is an awesome bonus and a great shortcut that Amazing Selling Machine has included.

Bonus 2: Product Listing Evaluation

It is absolutely essential to have great product listings, and the Amazing Selling Machine is providing people who buy Amazing Selling Machine with a free product listing evaluation.

It is an excellent bonus for people who have not previously sold any products on Amazone since there are many small details you may miss out on which could have a serious impact on your sales conversion rate.

Bonus 3: $500 advertising reimbursement

The main mission of the Amazing Selling Machine is to teach you how to build a genuine brand on Amazon. One of the main things that real brands do is advertise.

Part of the training that you receive with Amazing Selling Machine is learning how to effectively advertise your products on Amazon as well as other platforms. When you are part of the re-opening of Amazing Selling Machine you will qualify to receive $500 in free advertising for your brand to use.

Not only will you receive $500 in free money, but also you will make money on the extra sales that your advertising provides you with.

Bonus 4: 6-Month Buy Back Guarantee

In addition to its regular 30-day money-back guarantee, the Amazing Selling Machine is also offering a 6-month “Success Promise.”

This 6-month buy back promise gives you an entire 6 month period to try the Amazing Selling Machne out and get the chance to apply its training. If you meet the terms of the guarantee, then the Amazing Selling Machine will buy our Amazon business back from ou at a price that is equal to all of the payments you have made on ASM up to that point. They will also give you back up to a maximum worth of $7,500 in inventory.

If you meet all of the terms of the guarantee, you will have an entire 6 months to try out everything that ASM11 offers. That is the Amazing Selling Machine saying they stand behind their product and really believe in it.

I am not aware of any other training programs that provide this type of guarantee. and it truly makes purchasing the Amazing Selling Machine 11 a very safe and wise investment.

Click here, to learn more about the ASM 6-month buy-back promise.


The best time to purchase things online is always Black Friday, and the same is true with purchasing the Amazing Selling Machine. However, some time and patience are needed since ASM is not available immediately.

If you would like to take full advantage of the Black Friday deal on the Amazing Selling Machine, sign up for the waiting list.

Make sure you do it right now so you don’t miss out on all of the incredible bonuses!

Amazing Selling Machine 11 Review: Is It Still Relevant in 2020?

Amazing Selling Machine 11 Review: Is It Still Relevant in 2020?

The first thing any intelligent online marketer is going to ask when they see the $4,997.00 price tag attached to the Amazing Selling Machine is going to be something like “But, is it really worth it?”
It is only natural to be a little apprehensive when choosing to throw your hard-earned Benjamins into an investment of this magnitude. This feeling could be magnified by any previous bad experiences you may have had with other courses that seemed perfect but delivered meager results.
In order to set your mind at ease, the following article contains a comprehensive introduction to the Amazing Selling Machine and a full overview of the modules and course structure. No aspects will be left uncovered in this investigative review of the ASM. We will look at the good, the bad and the minutiae in between.

What exactly is the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM)?

amazing selling machine review logo
The Amazing Selling Machine, or just ASM for simplicity’s sake, is a highly popular course for beginners to intermediates on setting up a lucrative e-commerce business. Its sole purpose is to introduce aspiring marketers to the various ways the Amazon platform can be used to market goods to consumers across the planet.
All of this is made possible by Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) service and the ASM has been one of the most popular e-commerce business courses ever since it was released over 5 years ago. The latest instalment is called ASM X and represents the final compilation and most recent edition of all the best and hottest Amazon FBA techniques and methodologies.

Why Sell on Amazon?

ASM has been designed and constructed to build a working knowledge of the Amazon platform and how you can grow your brand there. Why Amazon? Because it makes a perfect place for the aspiring marketer to begin their own business.
Here are some of the figures that support this premise: 
Amazingly, Amazon grossed more than $232.89 billion in revenue. This already impressive figure I made even more so by the fact that it represents a full 55 billion more than the figure for 2017. It is, therefore, safe to assume that the Amazon market is profitable and booming.
The figures for Amazon are among the highest in the e-commerce world and therefore it makes sense that a beneficial program for learning e-commerce would begin in such an auspicious market. Furthermore, Amazon has already made a name for itself in the online scene and therefore building trust with clients will be a non-issue in this introductory-level e-commerce platform.
Recent studies showed that some of the top retailers in the online markets have a conversion rate of around 3.32% –– a fairly decent figure by any standards. But things work different in Amazon, and even new sellers can have a conversion rate of as high as 13% and many of Amazon’s prime members have figured as high as 74%.
Even with today’s uncertainty with Trump and China’s trade war, there is still a tremendous amount of potential to grow a legit business
For businesses that use the Amazon platform for marketing their goods, these figures can’t be ignored. Many of today’s most successful e-commerce entrepreneurs owe a portion of their success to the fortuitous Amazon platform.

What is included when you buy Amazing Selling Machine 11?

The centerpiece of the package is the 8-week e-commerce training program that will arm you with the tools you need to begin developing the business. You will also receive membership in a mentorship program and access to a private resource vault as wells as joining an exclusive community of business members who have also been successful here.
These are no small fry mentors either but big-time players, each with over $1 million in their own businesses and a capacity to help you do the same. The lifetime access to the ASM community is a great source of information and good ideas as you will be able to make private calls and even participate in group coaching to refine your techniques.
The private resource vault is the final component of the package and contains the templates and contacts you will need to kick start your business.
Through guided instructions, you will come to understand the dynamics of getting your business off the ground and handle the operations it will require for success. This will also provide you with the confidence you will need to begin applying the strategies and methods of understanding their efficacy and expected outcomes.
By the time you have completed your training, you will also be proficient in the fine art of scaling your business. Amazon Selling Machine will show you how to get started, begin growing your business and how to begin scaling for future expansions that come through intelligent e-commerce strategies as mentioned here.

A Look Inside Amazing Selling Machine 11

The ASM course is designed to run for 8-weeks, but different students will also be able to complete the course at their own pace.

Welcome Module: The ASM Business Process and Mindset

This gives you an overview of what to expect from the course, as well as an in-depth look at the Amazon FBA model of selling.

Module 1: Building Your Product Opportunity List

A large portion of the information will be found in the very first welcome module that provides a foundational plan for the physical products of your business. This is where you will be introduced to the strategies that allow you to effectively source products and leap the many smaller obstacles involved with this aspect of starting up.

Module 2: Suppliers, Samples, and Profit Numbers

Here is where you will find all the rules for the numbers game. You will see the important considerations that you will face when comparing suppliers and tweaking products to maximize profit margins. You will learn to find ways of offering products that are better than those offered by your competition while still staying in-line with your original budget plan.

Module 3: Ordering the Inventory and Creating Your Brand

The preliminaries are over, here is where you will find instructions on taking the first step and going live with your e-commerce that is building inventory. In addition to basic inventory management, here is well product labels get designed the samples of the product are considered and the initial sample is shipped to Amazon.

Module 4: Building Your Brand Assets

If you aren’t yet sure what brand assets are yet, you will soon learn in this module of the amazon Selling Machine. In short brand assets are the various things that add value to the products you manage, this could be the brand itself, the website you use and the content you share with clients. In this module, you will learn how to set up all your brand assets for maximum value on social media pages, brand websites, and the capture page.

Module 5: The Perfect Product Page

You have a great product, in this module, you will learn how to make it stand out from the rest, this is all about how you organize your product page if you want to sell what this module is all about.

Module 6: The Perfect Product Launch

This is one of the most important points in the ASM X that sets it apart from other courses like it. This is product blueprint will show you how to present your product in your niche for maximum effect and without doing anything shady. You will learn to gain sales and excite reviews with perfect product promotion.

Module 7: Advanced Marketing and Traffic Tools

Here is where you will gain access to some of the tools offered by the ASM package and gain some experience in using them effectively.

Module 8: Taking Your Business to the Next Level

In the 8th and final module, you will find an overview of the strategies that can be applied to scaling your business by increasing outsourcing and marketing techniques.

What Do You Get With Amazing Selling Machine?

The ASM learning program has been designed to help you learn how to begin making sales on Amazon regularly. The ASM incorporates what it calls the “momentum learning method” to impart this knowledge.
It will be up to the individual to decide how much of their time and resources they will invest in their business. To begin you will only have to log into the training module and begin to go through the lesson for that week. Each video lesson will be followed by an action that must be taken to grow the business.
After you have successfully completed the process in as outlined in one module you may then move on to the next module and so forth. Furthermore, you will have access to the module for as long as you need, after paying the initial cost.

What is the Price of Amazing Selling Machine?

The training program itself will cost $4,997.00, this can be a large upfront investment by anybody’s standards. But, there will be other costs to factor in as well. After all, you can’t begin marketing if you don’t have a product.
The good news is that you can also begin the program right away and get around to the actual practical applications once you have completed the course and have a better idea of what the process involves.
Even better, ASM is backed by a 100% risk-free guarantee, which means you can order and begin the task and if after 30 days you feel the investment is not what you needed, you can return the product for a full money-back refund.

What’s Good About ASM:

  • Expert product listing evaluation
  • Experts answer questions quickly
  • Supportive community
  • 8-week easy-to-follow training
  • 35+ hours of in-depth step-by-step training
  • The course is constantly updated

What’s Not To Like About ASM

  • Enrolment not always open
  • Competing programs provide product/industry-specific training
  • Cost

Who Are the Founders of Amazing Selling Machine?

amazing selling machine review founders
The Amazing Selling Machine is the production of a company originally founded by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark back in 2012. According to Jason’s LinkedIn profile, they have been operating their business out of Austin Texas since it was founded.
But, who are these people and why would their insights be beneficial to you in fulfilling your own dreams of being an entrepreneur?

Jason Katzenback

Jason is involved in other ventures and interests outside of ASM. You can find him and his various topics in sites like LinkedIn and
Jason’s early life in online marketing began with selling e-books where he would make anywhere from $15 to $15,000 in a month. This was back in 2003 so that is an impressive figure by anyone’s standards. In 2005 Jason started Portal Feeder which was his first training program and introduced aspiring entrepreneurs to the things they needed to begin their business. It was here that Jason would meet Matt.
At the time Matt was earning decent pay through his own private-label products being sold through Amazon FBA. Jason was so impressed with Matt’s operation that he decided he wanted a piece of the action and took the time to begin mentoring him. Matt began earning upwards of $100,000 each month after that.
The two partners would join together to produce the Amazing Selling Machine in that same year.

Matt Clark

Matt spent his formative years as a Houstonian before he moved over to Austin where he and his business partner, Jason Ketzenback would launch their company and the Amazon Selling Machine.
You can actually look into his background where he is very honest about his years lost in the wrong crowd, under the influence of narcotics and getting involved in small-time criminal activities. He also tells how he changed his life and began to construct the profitable business he oversees today.

Benefits of Joining the Amazing Selling Machine Community

The high cost was obviously what most people didn’t like about the ASM. Especially when compared to other programs on the market this cost does seem a bit higher. But, you aren’t going to find the same caliber of information in any other competing program within the range of $500 that ASM offers.
One way you can wrap your mind around this is by considering the costs of your average college education and the lack of real world-marketing skills these actually provide. On the other hand, the information found in ASM will not cost nearly as much and is far more applicable in real marketing as it is practiced in the world today.
In the end, it all comes down to a decision to make an investment of $5000 for a program that provides you with the skills to generate $60,000.

How to Join ASM?

If you would like to enroll in the ASM 11 program you may have to wait because the enrollment links are not always available. This means that at some time in the year you may find that the links are not available, but you can still enroll for the webinars and ask to be placed on a waiting list for the next availability.

Why Do People Refer to the Amazing Selling Machine as a Scam?

If you were to make a search of ASM you may find that many reports list it as a scam. This is very puzzling to some people who know about the lengthy list of successful users and glowing testimonials. But, there is a reason some people doubt the legitimacy of this project.
1. The High Price –– this is not always the first reason people give for disliking the program but it is a point everyone will wonder about. This is because $4997 is a fairly high price for a one time fee. Some find it too high and opt to pay six installments of $997, for a total of 5982, but the price is getting higher so early enrollment is always advised.
The cost of ASM was originally $3995, but the prics have gone up since the release of ASM 1.

What Do You Get?

The good news is that after the first initial fee, you will be getting access to all the versions, updates and releases that are made after that point. Not only does this one-time payment provide you with the information you need to begin now, but promises to keep you filled in on all the latest developments in e-commerce that are expected to come out over the foreseeable future.
To further offset its cost and add value, the Amazing Selling Machine offers these 2 guarantees:
A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee –– you will have a full 30 days to look over the content, talk with other members of the community and even begin work on the modules. If after 30-days you don’t believe it will help you any, you get your money back –– easy as that!

Amazing Selling Machine: Coaching Calls and Other Bonuses

While you will find the bulk of the informational content in the modules themselves, you will also receive a wealth of support and information through the additional bonuses ASM provides. These should be considered when deciding on this investment.
An investment in a training program like ASM is about much more than just high-grade practice and training. You may be wondering if…
– The Amazing Selling Machine has a supportive and inspiring community.
– You will be offered personal mentoring if you need a helping hand.
– The Amazing Selling Machine has a money-back guarantee if you feel unsatisfied.

Let’s take a look at what else is inside the package.

The Private Resource Vault

This is a carefully compiled collection of documents and useful resources that you can use when beginning your business.
There are two main sections in the vault:
  • Resource Links
  • Module Resources
The resource links you will find can help you address various aspects of your business and are organized in categories for easy reference.
In the module’s resources, you will find all the information and files bundles in with the training segments. These will be in PDF format and separated according to their respective modules.

The Community

There is much advantage to having a caring and supportive community full of good advice and plain pout positive energy on the way. Best of all, the community is hosted in the back-office dashboard giving a nice break from the usual social media scene.

The Unconditional Guarantee

The refund policies are one of the greatest proofs of the pudding, and a fine indicator of the quality of the course material. If you were to come across an offer with such a high cost but no actual value to provide, this would be a bad sign. But, there are no tricks here, if you don’t think the materials are right for, take your money back and everyone parts as friends.

Summing it all up

One of the best things about the Amazing Selling Machine is that it is designed for anybody to use. This is something that you won’t find in too many similar programs that require at least some marketing experience to understand. The course will guide you through everything you need to know and set you up for a lucrative business.
So, is ASM a worthy investment that will deliver as promised? Absolutely! For those looking for the fun and financial freedom of running their own lucrative business, ASM provides all you need to know to get up and going. Your only regret will be that you never got around to this sooner. Check out the webinar here

(*) TYPICALITY DISCLAIMER: These member’s results may not be typical. ASM members joining between 2013-2016 who completed the program and launched a new brand had median annual revenue of $60,750.00.

The claims presented on our website are not represented as predictions or forecasts that anyone who joins will experience success. Concerning future performance or results, no guarantee of any kind is implied. Individual results will vary depending on many factors outside our control, including the degree of effort made by each individual and the time, skill and ability they can devote to the business. Although these claims are truthful statements about results obtained by our customers, the results obtained by our customers are not necessarily typical. Some customers have little to no profit.

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