By Lew Ayotte  |  July 4th, 2009

I’ve noticed a number of people promoting their blogs and blogposts on Twitter and I thought to myself, “It would be great if there was a plugin in WordPress that automatically tweeted a new blog post.” I did a quick search and the only solution I found was called TwitterPoster and apparently a lot of people had been frustrated with the developers attempt to add spam into their tweets/posts. So I wrote this one (spam free!).

Since originally writing this plugin, a number of similar plugins have been released. Hopefully the new features I added will make this version stand out.

What I Changed


  • Fixed issue with not stripping slashes properly from default tweet format option
  • Removed unneeded option code for efficiency
  • Updated str_ireplace function for better PHP4 compatibility


  • Discovered WP_Http class (since WP2.7) which makes life much easier for everyone, but this bumps the support up to start at WP2.7)
  • Removed cURL requirement, switched to WP_Http API
  • Removed Twitter API Classes, switched to WP_Http API
  • Changes in cURL requirement required modification of init() function


  • Moved URL shortening functionality for improved efficiency


  • Moved exclusion check for efficiency
  • Fixed bug in scheduled posts, if a secondary account schedules a post and logs out, it would not have tweeted the message


  • Had a typo when checking the PHP Version for PHP5 functionality


  • Fixed bug that prevented TwitterPost from tweeting when setting a custom tweet on a Post page


  • Fixed bug with category exclusion logic… accidentally brought it back in with version 1.3.0


  • Cleaned up and remove 139 lines of code
  • Fixed second bug with category exclusion logic



  • Fixed PHP cURL Requirement Error Message
  • Added PHP cURL Requirement skip if Twitter Friendly Links is already installed.
  • Added ability for WP Admin to set Twitter Post to tweet from all Author accounts whenever a post is published.


  • Changed default tweet from “Blogged %TITLE%: – %URL%” to “Blogged %TITLE%: %URL%”.
  • Added check to make sure PHP Curl is installed.
  • Fixed bug that caused Twitter Post to tweet when adding new page.
  • Added ability to specify which categories to include/exclude in tweet.
  • Added ability to exclude a post before publishing it.
  • Added support for using Twitter Friendly Links instead of TinyURL links when TFL plugin is activated.
  • Added support for multiple author twitter accounts and default twitter account.


  • Fixed support URLs


  • Fixed Default Tweet typo (”blogged” instead of “bloggged”).
  • No longer publishes to twitter when you update/edit an old post.
  • Added feature to customize tweet per post using Custom Fields.
  • Changed project URL to – my new business venture.

v1.0.0 – Initial release

  • Allows custom tweet formatting with %TITLE% and %URL% tags.


  • Download and uncompress
  • Upload the entire rf-twitterpost directory to your WordPress plugins directory
  • Activate the plugin
  • Configure your options

Possible Future Features

  • Username/Password verification before save.
  • Ability to add post excerpt to tweet.
  • Possibly switch to Twitter’s OAuth API.
  • And as always, we listen to your requests…