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NETBibleTagger For WordPress

NETBibleTagger For WordPress

I came across this nice little piece of JS today by Bible.org called NETBible Tagger when an elder at the church I attend requested that I add it to our web site. In short, it “Automatically Tag and Quote Scripture References on Your Site”. The developer has done a great job, adding several options to […]

Plugin to Fold the Category Checklist Tree in WordPress

Plugin to Fold the Category Checklist Tree in WordPress

The category (as well as custom taxonomy) boxes on the write / edit post screen in WordPress can get pretty long if you have a large number of categories with children categories. This plugin allows you to hide and expand the children categories from view to make navigation a little less complicated. Goes great with […]

Remove Username Character Limit from WordPress Multi-Site / Multi-User

I’ve been working on a pretty complex project with WordPress MultiUser (soon to be MultiSite). This client needs several sites with hundreds of users divided into each site. I will be integrating the backend authentication with LDAP and discovered that a small percentage of their users have usernames with fewer than four characters. WordPress MU […]

Easily Extended Contact Info in WordPress

I’m working on a project where I need the ability to add “Phone”, “Building”, and “Room” as information a user could add in their profile. I also wanted to remove “AIM”, “Yahoo”, and “Jabber” — none of the users are going to need to fill in that info. You can easily add this code into […]

WordPress Ultimate CMS Plugin

WordPress Ultimate CMS Plugin

Description FullThrottle Development is thrilled to announce our latest and greatest WordPress plugin! This ground breaking piece of craftsmanship will instantly turn your WordPress blogging software into a full fledged CMS. Just install, activate, and partake. Sreenshots below. Download: Click to download Features include but are not limited to the following: Full standards compliance — […]

Create a WordPress Archive for posts in Multiple Categories

One of my first experiences with the social web was Del.icio.us. I stopped using it shortly after Yahoo! aquired it, but that’s a different story. The reason I bring it up is because I loved the way that you could search for multiple tags by including a + sign in between each tag in the […]

WordPress Plugin to Stop Trackback DOS attacks

[Update] WordPress 2.8.5 just dropped. It addresses the DoS attack among other issues. Get it here. There have been several reports this morning of a DOS attack affecting the WordPress wp-trackback.php file. [original post] http://www.stevefortuna.com/new-0-day-wordpress-exploit/ http://jarraltech.com/2009/10/new-0-day-wordpress-exploit/ http://www.hashbangcode.com/blog/wordpress-dos-attack-script-solution-2135.html All the the solutions have been the same thus far and require editing your .htaccess file or the […]

New WordPress Plugin: Auto Moderate Comments By Category

One reason that WordPress is such a great tool for blogging is due to its excellent commenting features. As a blog owner, you can choose whether you want to allow comments on your posts, whether you want to moderate the comments, or whether you want to let each of those comments automatically post without moderation. […]

Page Related Posts

This WordPress plugin adds a list of posts to the bottom of static pages based on the name of the page and the category of the post. The plugin examines the name of the page, then it finds the most recent posts in a category with the same name as the page. For example, if […]

Password Protect Children Pages

If a page that is password protected has children pages, all children pages will be protected with the same password.